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Pet Solutions and Odor Removal

JC. Carpet Cleaning knows that your pet is very important to you but pet stain and pet odor can be a problem. We offer a non-toxic pet stain and odor removal system that sanitizes and deodorizes your carpets.

After the pet stain and odor removal treatment your carpets will look great and smell fresh again!

Don't wait too long to for your pet stain and odor removal!!

Stains, especially urine, underneath your carpet can leave a difficult to remove yellow spot, loss of color to your carpeting and a very bad odor. It is important to implement the pet stain and odor removal process to your carpeting as quickly as possible to avoid permanent staining.

The pet stain and odor removal service will remove residue from your carpet. A professional technician
will apply an enzyme producing bacteria directly to the stain removing it and neutralizing the odor. We
use only non-toxic products in the pet stain and odor removal service so it will be safe for your pets to
walk on the carpet once it is dry.

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