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A: False.

Dry cleaning companies tend to use this scare tactic. Major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best way to maintain the carpet’s appearance and warranties. The trick is to make sure you hire a company like “JC Carpet Cleaning” that extracts the majority of the hot water used in its cleaning.

To Take Your Shoes Off, Or Not Take Them Off.

Have you ever been to a home where they asked you to remove your shoes? Perhaps you found it a little strange, not normal to your culture. Well your hosts may have been doing their carpet a big favor.
Did you know that 35% of household dust is believed to come from the outside soil. Carpets absorb the dust particles sometimes contributing to asthma and allergies.
Boots and high heels can cause wear and tear on your carpet.
Shoes can drag industrial pollution, animal

 excrement, chewing gum and pesticides into your home and carpet.
Even lotions on the bottom of your feet can build up and collect dirt on your carpet.
Perhaps you have been afraid of what your guests will think if you have a no shoes policy? Nice ways to avoid this may be putting nice slippers by the door just for your guests.

If you and your family are not ready for a “no shoes” policy then some simple carpet cleaning tips can help. Regular vacuuming and a minimum of two carpet cleanings a year should help. Don’t forget area rugs in those highly trafficked spots and doormats for guests to adequately clean their shoes off. Another helpful hint is having your family wear in-door slippers or flip-flops to decrease build up of dirt and lotions.


All of our technicians go through thorough national background checks and testing, thus you can feel safe and confident
with us entering your home or business. We have grown and expanded our services continuing to keep up to date
on the latest technologies and we only use Environmentally products that are safe for the environment and your family.

Pride in our work!

With hundreds of carpet cleaners to choose from, we know the only way to get referral business is to prove every day, to each and every one of our customers that we put their interests before anything else.
Our service is second to none: Guaranteed!

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